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The lovely village mansion, once a home for the Visconti family, is now the famous five star hotel La Residencia. Deia is a beautiful and peaceful village with 14 good restaurants. La Residencia’s restaurant and that of the four star hotel El Moli are among the best on the island. Bars, trendy boutiques, food shops and the latest newspapers can all be found there. The many galleries display the work of local painters and artists.

The lovely village church has an enchanting view over the valley, the mountains and the sea. It is open in the daytime. Concerts featuring well known composers and pianists are frequently heard there. The lovely estates of Miramar and Son Marroig are located here and the actor Pierce Brosnan lives on the hill above them. But a few minutes from the centre of Deia, visitors can take a swim and enjoy a beach lunch next to the beach in Cala Deia. Take a walk towards the north and you will find another beach. From the main road you can take a 2,5 hour walk down the slope to Soller.

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Nearby locations

North: Soller/Fornalutx

South: Port de Andratx

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Villa in Valldemossa - #07542

Object type:
Living area:
529 m²
1,150,000 € + tax

Stylish newly built villa in a prime location, overlooking the countryside. Situated in western Mallorca, approximately 15 minutes north from Palma. Within walking distance to hiking areas, restaurants, shops and banks. Close to the sea. Idyllic area perfect if you like the genuine Majorca.

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Villa in Deia - #08683

Object type:
Living area:
350 m²
1,950,000 € + tax

Fantastic traditionally styled house with private pool in a sought after location, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. Situated in western Mallorca, approximately 35 minutes north from Palma. Within walking distance to local nature, hiking areas, restaurants, shops, banks, the bakery, the beach and a small Spanish village. Close to the marina and sports activities. Idyllic area perfect if you want to live close to the sea. Private guest apartment with kitchen.

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