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The Soller area is known as Jardin d'Espagne, the garden of Spain. This is where the best oranges, lemons and grape fruits are grown. The entire valley displays orange groves on terraced slopes that are a heritage from the Arabic invaders who created ingenious irrigation systems here. They gave the valley the name Suliar, which means Yellow Rinds.

Soller offers local products daily at the permanent market. In the square in front of the church the pleasant café establishments are plentiful. Every Saturday a local market is held in the square and in the streets next to it. Visit the botanical gardens and the museum Museo Etnologico with furniture, ceramics and kitchen utensils from the 19th and 20th centuries. The old tram takes you to the lovely, almost round bay of Port de Soller in only ten minutes. The port and beach offer a windsurfing school and sailing boat rentals among other things.

The road to the bay is car free which makes it pleasant to go for walks there. The exclusive and modern hotel Esplendido offers all types of amenities. From the port area the excursion boats leave to La Calobra and Torrente de Pareis. You can also go on stunning hikes in the mountains. Port de Soller is a popular and colourful village with picturesque boutiques and restaurants next to the sea.

Close by the calm and charming villages Biniaratx and Fornalutx are located in front of the mountain Puig Mayor. Fornalutx has been given the title ”loveliest village in Spain” several times. Find a food shop, bars, hotels and several restaurants there. A nice view of the citrus groves is offered from the bar Bellavista. Beautiful and spectacular mountain hiking paths start from this point. The most famous of them starts in Biniaratx and goes to the Cuber lake and on to the Lluc convent.

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Nearby locations

North: Port de Pollensa/Pollensa

South: Deia/Valldemossa

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Townhouse/restaurant in Soller - #09584

Object type:
Living area:
353 m²
675,000 € + tax

Charming refurbished townhouse in a prime location, overlooking the mountains and the village. Situated in western Mallorca, approximately 30 minutes north from Palma. Within walking distance to hiking areas, sports activities, restaurants, shops, banks, the bakery and a small Spanish village. Close to the marina and the beach. Perfect if you want to live in a small typical Spanish village. Restaurant in the middle of Soller with living - one bedroom, livingroom, bathroom and terrace + guestapartment with 1 bedroom, pentry and bath.

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Finca in Valldemossa - #07430

Object type:
Living area:
1,400 m²
5,500,000 € + tax

Traditionally styled rustic finca in an ideal location, overlooking the mountains and the landscape. Situated in northwestern Mallorca, approximately 25 minutes north from Palma. Within walking distance to local nature and hiking areas. Close to restaurants, shops and the sea. Idyllic area perfect if you like the genuine Majorca.

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