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This zone of the community is dominated by Hotel Bendinat and the nice cliffs outside that provide ideal opportunities for swimming and sunbathing. The hotel has a popular restaurant where it is customary to serve late lunches and dinners on the terrace garden next to the sea in the summer. The new part of Bendinat has fashionable interior decorating boutiques, good restaurants, bars and even a nice sandy beach. Within this area you will also find the highly appreciated golf course Bendinat Golf.

Just a few minutes south of Bendinat is the Illetas area. A hilltop that towers over three sandy beaches and cliff bathing areas. This neighbourhood is full of quality hotels, restaurants, bars and food shops.

A few minutes to the west is the village of Portals Nous where all types of day to day services are to be found, along with the popular marina Port Portals. Take a stroll among all the lovely yachts or savour some great cooking at one of the restaurants next to the water. Good bus services make the trips to Palma easy and short. Those who like to go biking and walking can do so on the 30 kilometre cycle road that has been built between Santa Ponsa and Palma, continuing onwards from there.

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Newly built villa in Bendinat - #2021048

Object type:
Living area:
248 m²
4,495,000 € + tax

Luxury newly built villa in a prime location, overlooking the pool and the garden. Situated in southwestern Mallorca. Within walking distance to local nature and the beach. Close to sports activities, restaurants, shops, golf courses and a small Spanish village. Exclusive area perfect if you want to live close to the sea. This stunning villa is a perfect modern family estate in an unbeatable location ready to be enjoyed by it's new owner.

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Newly built

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