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No tourist place with lots of hotels and high buildings. Here you find the daily service you need, there are two supermarkets, bank, car rental, garage, tennis courts, bars and nice restaurants. Take a walk from the cliffs next to the beach to the next small village called Cala Domingo with its two lovely beaches, one bigger than the other. From Cala Domingo you can catch a public boat going the beaches at the South East coast.

Five minutes to the South is the popular fisherman’s harbor Porto Colom, located in a natural harbor. It is a vivid village all year round with 3 500 permanent residents. From Cala Murada a walk brings you to here along the sea on a small path. Of course you find more service in Porto Colom and people come from all over the island to eat in one of the famous restaurants around the harbor. Close to Cala Murada you find the beautiful golf course of Vall d’Or. Felanitx with the popular market on Sundays is located 10 minutes to the west. This area has several famous bodegas, placed in a rolling green landscape.

The whole area belongs to the municipality of Manacor. This town, with 28 000 permanent residents, is located 15 minutes from Cala Murada. The municipality has 27 km of coast area with many lovely sandy beaches. From Manacor you have a train connection to Palma.

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Nearby locations

North: Porto Cristo

South: Porto Colom/Felanitx/Son Negre

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Apartment in Cala Murada - #46165

Object type:
Living area:
112 m²
259,500 € + tax

Elegant modern ground floor apartment with private garden in an ideal location, overlooking the landscape and the garden. Situated in southeastern Mallorca, approximately 45 minutes south east from Palma. Within walking distance to sports activities, restaurants, the beach and the sea. Close to banks, the golf course, a small fisherman's harbour and the local weekly market. Picturesque area ideal if you want to live close to beach and marina.

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