Properties in Palma Nova

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The area is best known for its three long white stretched beaches acessible from a broad walkway connecting them along the coastline. It is most apreciated by families and disabled beacause of it’s easy acess and flat walking area, along you will find parks and small quiet rocky beaches. All year around the beach, cosy cafes and restaurants along the water become the meeting place for locals and tourists. You will find a large selection of facilities, fast food restaurants, beach bars, international restaurants, but also tipical spanish tapas bars, amogst them shoping centres, various well known supermarkets and souvenir shops. All kind of sport activities are available such as tennis centre Guillermo Vilas organising European Junior tours (, indoor pools, football, go karting, waterskiing, windsurfing, diving and many more. The WesternPark is a very popular waterpark to enjoy in the summer months. For golf devotees there are several golf courses close at hand, among them the T Poniente, with spectacular views of the mountains.

A short drive along the southern coast takes you to Portals Vells, a big bay filled with small secluded beaches surrounded by Mallorca’s nature, here you can also find spectacular caves and walking paths to the most southern lighthouse of Palma’s bay. On the main beach there is a restaurant and some of the others have beach bars.

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